CRInktober 2018 Day 20: Flowers

Do you think of her when you see the flowers?
Her smile, her laugh?
Do you dream of what she would look like with them in her hair?
How it would be to draw the petals down her face?
Have you found any as beautiful as she?

CRInktober 2018 Day 18: Kiss

Was it?
Or was it not?
Merely a means to save your life?
Or an entreatment, ‘don’t go. stay with me’?
Was it from a worried party member?
Or one who wants to be more but can’t find the words?
Will you find the courage to ask?
Or is the fear of what the answer may be too great?

CRInktober 2018 Day 17: Morning

The adventure begins anew.
Breakfast, cold depending on the embers.
A quick workout to stretch the muscles.
A moment for centering.
A look at the map.
A last check that everything is where it should be.
The first steps back onto the trail.
Onward to the next morning.

CRInktober 2018 Day 16: Night

Night can bring hidden danger
Can be of peril or fear
When the fire light does not extend far enough for comfort
(Those times when a fire can be had).

But night can be a time of comfort
Of rest.
When the fire shines brightly on the faces of your companions
And the rest of the world, of no concern.

CRInktober 2018 Day 15: Food

I lay the table before you
A light repast.
At the center are the pastries (made with cinnamon).
Fresh vegtables and herbs surround them.

To the one side are some cuts of meats.
In front be the dish of pocket bacon, of course.

To the other side, our drinks.
Milk in bright glasses.
Whisky in mugs.
Tea in cups (with a jar of honey nearby).

Take as much as you wish
We have plenty.

Then join us around fire,
To remember the tales.
And speak of our dreams.

CRInktober 2018 Day 14: Luck

Have you the Luck within you?
Or does it merely visit?
Are you the master,
Or it?
Can you manage the victory?
Or better,
Survive the loss?
Luck smiles & frowns in turn.
Extends a hand to kiss
Whilst the dagger gleams in the other.