NaNo 2016

It is day two of this year’s NaNo.  My goal is for 60,000 as opposed to the usual 50,000. It will be a fantasy story. Two days before NaNo started, I was trolling around the forums (in my day, trolling meant just rambling thru something, seeing what there was to see. I continue to use […]

Flash Fiction Challenge

My first attempt at Chuck Wendig’s weekly challenge. A story in five sentences. The killer walked into the room and looked at all his options. Someone would die tonight, and every person there knew it. Bribes and pleas were shouted at him as the minute hand made it’s sweep. They saw in his eyes when […]

February prompt – Mr. & Mrs.

A real two of a kind, those two. Meant to be. Everyone always said they would last til death did them part. And they did. Side by side right up to the end. Not sure we should’ve buried them together. What with no one sure yet which was the murder and which the suicide.

February prompt – The file

It was most talked about file in the building. Everybody claimed  to know what was in it. Who it would hurt most when it went public. That was the one thing they agreed on. That it would go public and blow the lid off of everything. I just ignored all the talk. I knew I […]

February prompt – Blanket

Just a raggedy old thing. But if it could talk, oh the stories it would have. The people who have slept under it. The nights spent wrapped around others. The times it was clenched in a small hand. The washing, mendings, and additions. So much history. Touchable history.

February prompt -A pink tutu

They’re hideous things, if you think about it. Just something about them has always bothered me. I mean, the general design is kinda meh, but coupled with that color? The worst. Oh, I am aware my opinion is most likely in the minority. But I don’t care. You won’t catch me dead in one.

February prompt – Stiff

I’ve never seen one before, have you? I mean, I’ve heard them described. Who hasn’t really. But actually seeing one, huh, really different. And not where I would ever think of seeing one. I mean, everyone comes here. It could have been anyone besides us who saw it. Anyone. You think it means something, that […]