“Connect. Respect. Protect.”

“I have the solution.”

This is the motto of the Toronto Police’s SRU (Strategic Response Unit).

Think S.W.A.T. with a special emphasis on negotiating.

They can take the shot. But they would rather talk the situation down.


Constable Edward ‘Ed’ Lane – Team Leader. Takes a lot on his shoulders for his team, sometimes too much. Usually the one who has to take the shot.


Constable Julianna ‘Jules’ Callaghan – The team’s other sniper. And a good negotiator in her own right.


Constable Michaelangelo ‘Spike’ Scarlatti – Tech and bomb guy. One of the hearts of the team.


Constable Samuel ‘Sam’ Braddock– The new guy. Fresh out of the military, doesn’t know as much as he thinks.


Sergeant Gregory ‘Greg’. Parker – The Boss. He wrote the book. Literally.

They win most, and lose some. And have more than one dark night of the soul. Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve. Days they wish they take back, do over. Innocent lives are in their hands. And the lives of their teammates on any given day.

But through it all, they always have their hands on each others’ backs.  A family in a way most people don’t need to be one. In a way most people couldn’t be.

Personal note:

Once again, a shout out to ION television. Two, three episodes of Flashpoint is shown every night. And thanks to my habit of not making it to bed early, I caught an ep and was hooked.

The change in squad make-up and procedures are half the fun. The little differences due to it being a Canadian outfit adds to it. Always interesting to hear ‘kilometers’ as opposed to ‘miles’.

It’s a great cast and a new perspective on police procedurals for me. Give it a try if you can find it.

9 thoughts on ““Connect. Respect. Protect.”

    1. It is. Part is the fun of the sniper unit and the negotiator being on the same team and butting heads over what to do.


  1. I love this show. I used to watch it when the new seasons were on CBS, but now I catch repeats on ION (Do they have new seasons still or did this get cancelled at some point?) I always loved these characters and how they were so much like a family…dysfunctional at times, but awesome! 🙂


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