Tea & Coffee #35 – It’s here.


Ah, another Sunday. And one off from work.

I should perhaps be outside, but I’ve got dueling marathons on the tube.

As it is Sunday, it means Leverage. Not that it always is. Last Sunday was a Numb3rs marathon. But today is Leverage, the last season. Not sure if they’re going to reset to beginning or what but we shall see.

Sunday also means The Walking Dead. Season finale. So there’s a sixth season marathon to prepare us for what will happen.

Negan is coming.

For the fans, you know what I’m talking about.

For the non-fans, suffice it to say Negan is a Very Big Bad and much anxiousness and dread about his coming.

So I’m bouncing between the two channels during commercials and whatnot. Waiting for tonight.

In less tense news, managed my first two posts for this year’s A-Z Blog Challenge. Which considering I’ve been writing them on the day and don’t have all the letters decided yet is a good start. Should try and get a couple done today. And more importantly, have found some other blogs to follow for the challenge as well.

But other than that, just enjoying the day. Always enjoy days off.

Might go eat some ice cream out on the porch later. Chocolate chip cookie dough.

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