“That’s a real gasser, right Mr. J?” 

“Can’t be too careful with all those weirdos around.”

“Makes you want to laugh, doesn’t it, Artie? “

“Why so serious?”

“Let’s put a smile on that face!”


The Clown Prince of Crime.

Harley’s Puddin’.

Batman’s perfect nemesis.

The Joker.

But not just any Jokers. We are talking about my two fav Jokers, Heath Ledger’s from The Dark Knight and, the ultimate for me, Mark Hamill’s in various animated shows and video games.

Heath defied expectations and just plain blew people’s minds with his Joker.  The funny, romantic leading man we were used to was gone.

In front of us was someone who would kill ya soon as look at ya. One with his own twisted logic and a cold view of the world. A true agent of chaos.

Mark’s Joker is ever so full of glee as he goes about his crimes with unmistakable panache and whimsy. And a code of honor. Of a sort. Regarding his buddy, Bats, at least. Unless he can get a laugh.

While I did so enjoy Heath’s Joker, such a lovely laugh, Mark will always be my Joker. But that perhaps should not be a surprise. It seems to be predestined.



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