“I’m taking him to Kattegat with me.”

“Odin gave his eye to aquire knowledge. I would give far more.”

“The gods will always smile on brave women.”

“It is one thing to use a weapon, but another to kill.”

Once, near Kattegat, there was a farmer. Ragnar Lothbrok. He lived with his family, and would go on the summer raids for the earl. But he was tired of raiding the same lands again and again to the East. He longed to go West. And he did. And gained more adventure than he wished.


Ragnar Lothbrok – A farmer with a dream of what lies West.


Lagertha – Shieldmaiden and Ragnar’s wife. Her skill on the battlefield is second to her love for her family.


Rollo – Ragnar’s brother. He loves his brother even as he fights his jealously of him.


Floki – Shipbuilder and Ragnar’s friend. His skill will help gain Ragnar the West.


Athelstan – A monk taken on the first raid. He will teach Ragnar, and gain his trust as few will.

The Northmen are making themselves known to the world beyond their lands. And they will change everything.

Personal note:
Ah, Vikings. I do love this show. As great as the action is, it is second to the acting.

One great thing is the use of Old Norse and Old English. The language barrier is shown and subtitles are a part of the watching experience.

One of the best things is hearing my gods spoken of as part of the characters’ lives. To have Odin shown walking through a battlefield. And the ghost hands of Valkyries carrying off a warrior to Valhalla.

Watch the show. Enjoy the storytelling. Join the raid.

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