I am me

To be taken or left as you find me.

I shall have no regrets, either way.

Today is my birthday on a loverly cloudy with light sprinkling day in the Valley. 

So feel free to order that pastry to help me celebrate. 

I try not to ruminate too much on these days. I’m in a decent enough place in my life. No major worries and I have my health.

Birthdays are the days one is given leave “To glory in self like a new monster”, in the words of one James Douglas Morrison. To be a bit selfish and just enjoy being. 

Still getting a bit settled in my skin, not sure that will ever be a completed journey and probably shan’t be. But I do like me so that is something.

I shall be dining at a favorite eatery with MBM later today. My usual procrastination has necessated a couple of errands be done but I shall enjoy the day regardless.

Tomorrow MBM and I shall sojourn to the Ren Faire and quite enjoy ourselves. Then the surgery of real life shall commence, as it does. (Come on, lottery. *laughs*)

But I hope you enjoy your day as well. Raise a toast to yourself. Huzzah.

(Don’t forget to join the others)

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