CRInktober 2018 Day 28: A.U.

“We do this and we are home free.” Caleb watched the fire as it danced around his fingers.

Beau cracked her neck as she spun her staff. “Let’s do this. Hard and fast.”

Nott checked her gun and crossbow. “If we’re lucky…”

“Flutternutter.” Jester giggled as a giant lollypop spun slowly behind her.

“But don’t do anything foolish.” Fjord looked at each in turn as he called forth his sword.

“Yes, be careful.” Caduceus took a last sip of his tea, carefully wiping the cup clean.

“We didn’t chose this. But we shall finish it.” The Magician’s Judge flashed as Yasha pulled it from its sheath.

“You’re the worst of the worst, Mighty Nein.” The cloaked figure threw open the doors, revealing armed soldiers and a helicopter beyond. “Do this and you’re free. Fail, and you die.”

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