CRInktober 2019 Day 21: Genre Shift

“Dame private dicks? Who’da thunk it?”
“We did.”
“And we’re the best.”
His eyes shifted from the one in yellow to the one in blue.
“You’re not sure. That’s completely understandable.”
Now they flicked to the tall one with the weird hair.
“Look. You need a job done. You heard about our rep. What’s the problem?”
“He doesn’t trust females, ja? Or is it Zemnians you have a problem with?”
They narrowed. “Don’t you go putting words in my mouth.”
“When we’re hired for a job, we do it. Discreetly. And we are good.”
They went wide as the sword came outta fucking nowhere.
“Just ask your competitor. He hired us first. And he wants to some questions answered.”

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