February prompt – Blanket

Just a raggedy old thing.

But if it could talk, oh the stories it would have.

The people who have slept under it. The nights spent wrapped around others. The times it was clenched in a small hand.

The washing, mendings, and additions.

So much history. Touchable history.

February prompt -A pink tutu

They’re hideous things, if you think about it.

Just something about them has always bothered me. I mean, the general design is kinda meh, but coupled with that color? The worst.

Oh, I am aware my opinion is most likely in the minority. But I don’t care.

You won’t catch me dead in one.

February prompt – Stiff

I’ve never seen one before, have you?

I mean, I’ve heard them described. Who hasn’t really. But actually seeing one, huh, really different.

And not where I would ever think of seeing one. I mean, everyone comes here. It could have been anyone besides us who saw it. Anyone.

You think it means something, that it was us who saw it instead of someone else? Like it was supposed to be us?
Meant for us, even?

Yeah, I know we should tell somebody. Just wait a minute. I wanna look some more.

Who do you think he was?

February prompt – No, I won’t

Oh, I’ve tried, believe you me.

Sometimes I come close, but more often I end up doing the same things, making the same choices.

I’ve become better at damage control than at seeing ways out.

So I thank you for your concern, but believe me when I tell you that it’s wasted.

Find another lost cause, you’ll be happier.

And frankly, so will I.

February prompt – You knew?

What am I saying, of course you knew.

And you let me go on with it. To watch me swinging in the breeze like an idiot.

Yeah, very funny. Hope you enjoyed yourself. Hope you laughed your ass off.

Hope you’re good at looking over your shoulder 24/7.

At discerning between harmless noises and those maybe you better check out. And being sure you know who is your friend and who likes me better.

But no need to start right away. Oh no, I’ll give you plenty of time to get comfortable and settled in. To forget my words, to not take them seriously.

Your face will be more priceless that way.

February prompt – Out of breath

That’s how you leave me every time.

Just watching you when you don’t realize I am. Studying how you move, trying to catch the song you’re singing to yourself.

I could never list all the reasons that you affect me. And each day a different one is at the fore.

How glad I am to have the opportunity to try.

February prompt – You bastard

You knew what that meant to me.

How long I worked for the money to get it. The plans I made. How hard I worked to keep it a secret, to surprise everyone.

And what did you do? You made sure you were home today when it arrived. Signed for it and then just waited for me to get home.

I heard your scream through the door as you opened it. You knew i had ordered enough to kill them all. That you would be a hero, but you didn’t have the guts to report me. So you figured you’d take it, martyr yourself.

You dumb bastard. Should have known I wouldn’t have it come all in one package. There was only enough for one person in the package you opened.

The one person I knew would open it.