CRInktober 2018 Day 31: The Road

The Road cares not for who travels on it.
Though it hears them all
(Even listening to some).

There are the ones who travel the same portion, back and forth.
The ones who visit it for a little while, never to see it again.
And the ones who live on it, stepping off only to return soon enough.

It accepts them all
As it disappears from one spot and spreads out into another.
It is all one
And always.

CRInktober 2018 Day 30: Favorite Animal Companion

‘Lo Professor Thadeus,
Where have thy gone?
From the cage of merchants
To the hand of a monk
To the freedom of the skies.
Did you remain within that new city,
Was there a destination in mind,
Or did you just let the wind take you
Having caught a wanderlust of your own?

CRInktober 2018 Day 29: Self-insert NPC

The scribe watches the party as they enter the tavern
She waits a few moments before sending a round of drinks over.
A mere nod, then pretended indifference.

She looks up from her writing to see one of them standing by her table.
She smiles and waves him to a chair.
After a bit of talking, he nods to the others and invites them over.

It takes some time and a lot of talking.
But an agreement is reached.
She travels with them to the next town
Asking questions of each.
And bit by bit the story comes out.

When they part ways, a promise is made.
She goes to the nearest tavern and begins to write.

“It was in Trostenwald that they met…”

CRInktober 2018 Day 28: A.U.

“We do this and we are home free.” Caleb watched the fire as it danced around his fingers.

Beau cracked her neck as she spun her staff. “Let’s do this. Hard and fast.”

Nott checked her gun and crossbow. “If we’re lucky…”

“Flutternutter.” Jester giggled as a giant lollypop spun slowly behind her.

“But don’t do anything foolish.” Fjord looked at each in turn as he called forth his sword.

“Yes, be careful.” Caduceus took a last sip of his tea, carefully wiping the cup clean.

“We didn’t chose this. But we shall finish it.” The Magician’s Judge flashed as Yasha pulled it from its sheath.

“You’re the worst of the worst, Mighty Nein.” The cloaked figure threw open the doors, revealing armed soldiers and a helicopter beyond. “Do this and you’re free. Fail, and you die.”

CRInktober 2018 Day 27: X-over Campaigns 1 & 2

It happened in a tavern
(Doesn’t it always?)
Two parties from two different lands.
One party still making their name
The other, heroes.
A gun sparks the initial conversation.
Then two talk of the wilds
While others spoke of the cities.
Heads shake and eyes roll at the antics of some.
And others watch more than the offer.
Swords are drawn and compared.
Tales shared and challenged.
As the night wears on and the tankards grow low
Memories of ones lost arenwhispered.
And loud toasts given in their name.
“Let’s stay in touch” is heard. And promised. And done.
As closeness forged.
As if they had always been linked.

CRInktober 2018 Day 26: Dance

You allowed yourself the drink.
Released the hold on yourself a little.
You knew it was Jester who asked you to dance.
But the drink and the fire and your mind brought her forth.
You heard her laugh as you felt her hand in yours.
It was then.
Before everything went wrong.
Before you knew evil.
Before you lost everything.
Including yourself.
When there was a chance for happily ever after.

CRInktober 2018 Day 25: Costume

Put the clothes on.
Be something you’re not.
Something you are expected to be.
Something you want to be.
Anything but who you really are.
How much better is it?
How much worse?
To others, they are ordinary clothes.
But you know it for the costume.
For the lie you’re living.

CRInktober 2018 Day 24: Ice

Glistening like diamonds
Home to one who hoards gold.
A tomb to many
Food for a Nightmare come true.
So close to being the last you would see.
To feel.
To know.
But escape you did,
Back to warmth and safety.

A Nightmare you can forget.

CRInktober 2018 Day 23: Fire

The fire is always there.
Whenever you close your eyes.
You find yourself, staring at the campfire.
Trying not to hear the screams.
It used to be your favorite
The easiest to call for you.
Now it is a reminder of that night.
But on a level you don’t want the pain to go away.
You need to burn in your own way.
It’s only right.

CRInktober 2018 Day 22: Mighty Nein

A road that leads to helping others.
Saving lives.
Saying hello to friends, and then goodbye.
To the taking and recovery of some members of the band.
And the forever loss of another.
But a new member joins.
A calm after the storm.

Masks are lowered.
Secrets come to light.
But still the bonds remain.

Now the road takes them between two kingdoms.
Trying to save the world they know
And protect each other
Even as one is out there alone, coerced foe now.
Will the juggling act work?
Or will it all come crashing down?