CRInktober 2019 Day 10: Weapon

To a monk,
Their body is their weapon.
Years spent learning how it moves.
How each part feels at its best and worst.
Knowing when you’ve gone too far
Or have enough for just one more attack.
It is the weapon always with you.
One that will die with you.
There is no passing down the heirloom.
You must make your difference while you live.

CRInktober 2019 Day 9: Favorite Arc

Three taken away.
A fourth stolen forever.

Already with one who knows all too well the horror.
A fellow victim joins the search.
And a neutral party offers aid.

A hunt for wickedness.
The grim battle.
Then success.

Lost ones found.
And the road continues on.
All are changed but with hope within.

CRInktober 2019 Day 8: Friends

Friends can start out as people you never expect to see again.
Someones you meet in an inn in a no place town.
You talk, drink. Expecting no more.
Then events take the matter out of your hands.
You find you can work with them.
You start to even like them.
Then you start to protect and defend them. And they you.
Then they are more than just friends.

CRInktober 2019 Day 7: Favorite Spell

So much of your past resides in it.
Your greatest pain.
What destroyed your blood family
Has also saved your found one.
(And endangered them once, but that was not your fault)
Always at the ready
As near to you as your books.
The horror it would bring is fading.
You use it for good,
Not damnation.
And if ever your family is threatened…

CRInktober 2019 Day 6: Lights

Four orbs to show the way.
Providing what the others forget you two need.
Floating in the air,
Spinning around you
Or strung out like stars.
A quiet help.
So often a welcomed sight.
Just a little bit you can do to help out.
For the good of the group.

CRInktober 2019 Day 5: Drink

Liquid courage, they call it.
You’re not going for courage
Just numbness, forgetting.
Forgetting what you lost and how.
Makes it easier when you catch sight of yourself.
But you’re trying to forget that most of all.
The others think they get it and are all about telling you to stop.
But they don’t.
They can never.

CRInktober 2019 Day 4: Monster

Zombies were the first we saw
But ’twas the Nergaliid that was the true first.
Started the chaos at the circus.
Caused strangers to band together.
Made a chance encounter lead to greater things.
To an winding adventure and a family created.
‘Twas the Nergaliid what started all the fun.
And for that he has our thanks.

CRInktober 2019 Day 3: Potion

Potion of healing
The first and possibly last line of defense.
A must to look for in any town.
(But take a good hard look at the one doing the selling.)
Still, you take what you can get and hope it’s enough.
Hard to get the best, have to temper expections of ‘healing’ with ‘stabilizing’.
The friend you hope to not have to use.

CRInktober 2019 Day 1: Favorite Character

You ran from what you held yourself to be.
You thought the best version of yourself was what grew in the shadow of another.
A shadow you wrapped yourself in when that light was gone.
But others have looked to you
And there is a new you reflected in their eyes.
You are shining your own light and need of the shadow is slipping away.
You run from the past no longer.
But walk with purpose to your future.