So we shift gears a little.


Been looking for a better use to this beside just keeping track of my geek meetings.

New Plan.

Trial duration: 2 months.

I have about 2 hours in the morning I can play with if I actually get myself up to do. There is additional time on the bus going to and from work, but there tends to be a lot of bobbing for apples then.

So the plan is to do a different ongoing project each day, with two free days to play with.

This is in hopes of establishing a pattern of working, but have none of the projects feel like a drag.

Fan Fiction – Sunday
Free – Monday
Revenge (2015 NaNo)- Tuesday
Drabble – Wednesday
Free – Thursday
Fantasy/VMG (geek group)- Friday
Weekend Coffee Share  – Saturday

The intent is to do these in the morning, then leave the nights for vegging (or falling asleep) in front of the TV or whatever comes up. Reading will most likely be done on the bus rides.

So that’s the experiment, starts on Tuesday. Here’s to the next two months.

And beyond?


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