Tea & Coffee – #27


I would say hello to you on the first sunny, warm day we have after about a week or so of rain and clouds. Actually didn’t wear my jacket on the way in. Still brought it with me, cause this is the Valley and you never know how the weather will go.

Well, this week was the first anniversary of Desert Words. Dance along.

Not too much else has happened this week. Have noticed myself enjoying some simple pleasures more as of late. Hope that continues.

My thoughts are already on what I’m going to do for the A-Z challenge and for Camp NaNo. Got topics for over half of the letters so far and wondering if should do rewrite of past efforts or new one for Camp.

Sorry if I keep staring out the window. Just such a nice day, had forgotten what blue skies looked like. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love me some rainy day and don’t mind getting wet. But just something about today outside keeps grabbing me. Simple pleasure, ya know. here’s a picture I took on the way in.


So last year I tried to do this thing some Lokiens do of writing something for Loki for each day in July. I got three days in last time and thinking of giving it another go this year.

Okay, sorry for spacing out again. This is getting ridiculous. I’ll just leave you with some of the music I’ve got playing on my player as recompense.

5 thoughts on “Tea & Coffee – #27

  1. Congratulations on your blogiversary! That’s a nice milestone. I saw Sting in concert in Dallas that year that Desert Rose came out. He was fantastic. Thanks for your video, it brought it all back.


    1. I am sorry, I only now saw your comment. I am glad to help you relive the memory. And thank you for the congratulations.


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