Tea & Coffee #36


And how does the day find you?

We’re in a quick cold snap right now. Yesterday was mid 80s, today is supposed to be 67 and tomorrow 77 before going back to up to the 80s the next day.

Ah, the first full week of A-Z Blog done. And somehow I’m managing to keep up. And happily, I’ve managed to turn a few people on to fandoms of mine.

Work is blah, isn’t it always?

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (West Coast Edition) opened this week. Saw a bit on a video from the opening ceremonies. They did a cool light show over Hogwarts Castle in it, with the colors and crests of  the Houses. Of course ours was the coolest. Couldn’t find the short clip I saw, but starts about 9:25 on this vid.

When I win the lottery (ha ha), one of the first things would be to go to the Orlando one. I’ve read how theirs is and sounds so good. Buy myself some school robes and a wand, then go to the California one.

I did a question on my Facebook, about what things would have to be in your dream home.

In mine, I would have to have a proper study and library. I’m talking like Victorian here. Dark wood and patterned carpet. A small fireplace. Sliding doors separating the study from the library. A nice sturdy desk with a hidden drawer or two. There’d be a card catalog for the library, cause I’m geeky like that. A chair could fall asleep in.

There would also have to be a geek’s lair. For my small collection of collectables, comics, and DVDs. A few posters on the walls. Some manner of table in the middle for games and such. Maybe even a kitchenette set up in one corner so wouldn’t have to go thru the house for snacks. What would be in your dream house?

Oh, and Star Wars The Force Awakens came out this week. Went to the store after work first day and got it. I was a little tired so hadn’t planned on watching any of it that night. But didn’t have to work the next day, so when 1 or 2 in the morning rolled around and I was still up, decided to watch the bonus disc. I do so enjoy bonus features. But first, had to sing the (not quite the whole) theme song before could open the plastic. Twice.

I think it was this week got first look at The Killing Joke animated video. For those who don’t know, The Killing Joke is one of the most famous Batman graphic novels. If you saw The Dark Knight, at the end where Joker is talking about how all it takes is that one moment to push someone over the line as he did with Harvey Dent and tried to do with the passengers on the boats, this is where Christopher Nolan got that from.

The Joker gives Commissioner Gordon ‘one bad day’ in an attempt to push him over the edge. It also has an origin story for Joker that has come to be considered canon, even though the graphic novel isn’t meant to be.

The cherry on top of this is who is doing the voices for Batman and Joker. The best voice duo: Kevin Convoy and Mark Hamill. The ones who became the voices of Batman and Joker for so many of us via Batman the Animated Series. Us fans wouldn’t have been happy with anyone else doing the voices.

Forgot to tell you I saw Batman vs Superman with me best mate end of last month. I had read a fan review that just tore the movie apart, so had that going thru my head as watched it. But it was better than I was expecting. And even that review gave a nod to Ben Affleck in the role, and especially with Jeremy Iron’s Alfred. And the funny thing is the actors who played Thomas and Martha Wayne in the flashback were Jeffery Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan, who I would see on the following Sunday in the season finale of The Walking Dead.

You remember how I was going on about Negan coming. Jeffrey played Negan and Lauren is one of the regular cast who finds herself in his clutches. And the finale ended in a cliffhanger that is driving fans crazy. And I admit, I was not happy either. But a little thought and I did agree that the reveal should be the start of the new chapter of next season and not the end of this chapter. And most of us have an idea of how things will play out. It was such an anticipated scene that people wanted their cake right then.

I am doing a little prelim work on my Camp NaNo for July, and even for NaNo proper in November.

I bought a shirt online and it came in couple days ago. What think? 


Oh, did you hear the radio? On Sunday mornings I listen to ‘Breakfast with The Beatles’ . Today is the 46th anniversary of Paul McCartney announcing he was leaving the band and they became no more.

“Adjust the equalizer.”



My near constant companion. If you see me, my headphones will be in and music playing.

The sound of the notes. Of the words themselves.

The emotion. The imagery.

The sharing of experiences and ideas.

The saving of sanities.

The oneness at a concert, or the aloness of headphones.

Finding that one song to hold to your heart.

The songs that speak what you can’t find words for.

The songs that need no words.

Fits all moods. All occasions.

The universal language.

Tea & Coffee #35 – It’s here.


Ah, another Sunday. And one off from work.

I should perhaps be outside, but I’ve got dueling marathons on the tube.

As it is Sunday, it means Leverage. Not that it always is. Last Sunday was a Numb3rs marathon. But today is Leverage, the last season. Not sure if they’re going to reset to beginning or what but we shall see.

Sunday also means The Walking Dead. Season finale. So there’s a sixth season marathon to prepare us for what will happen.

Negan is coming.

For the fans, you know what I’m talking about.

For the non-fans, suffice it to say Negan is a Very Big Bad and much anxiousness and dread about his coming.

So I’m bouncing between the two channels during commercials and whatnot. Waiting for tonight.

In less tense news, managed my first two posts for this year’s A-Z Blog Challenge. Which considering I’ve been writing them on the day and don’t have all the letters decided yet is a good start. Should try and get a couple done today. And more importantly, have found some other blogs to follow for the challenge as well.

But other than that, just enjoying the day. Always enjoy days off.

Might go eat some ice cream out on the porch later. Chocolate chip cookie dough.

Tea & Coffee – #34


Hello, hello, hello.

How are you this fine, hotish day? Gonna be mid 80s again today, I believe. But it’s lovely right now.

I do have to tell you a cool story.

I might have told you about my monthly geek meet up. We usually met at a Starbucks but this time we went to a Denny’s (the same one where the kick-off to NaNoWriMo has been for past few years as matter of fact).

So the meeting went great, had already paid and had gone back to leave the tip. Walking back up to the front, I passed a large family at two tables pushed together. The head of the family called out to me, saying “Miss. Miss.”

Now, for some years now, I have had what I call the ‘pall of customer service’ upon me. By which I mean that I have been in any number of stores and have had people ask me questions cause they think I work there. So when I heard him, I thought that was the case.

But when I turned to him, he asked me about my jacket and the design on the front of it.


If you are not a baseball fan, that is one of the old logos for the Arizona Diamondbacks, for the year we won the World Series. We are the only team to have won a World Series title in only our fourth year of being in the MLB. As you can see, it was during the 2001 season, against the New York Yankees. The series went a full seven games, with the final win here in Arizona.

I worked in the distribution center for our team stores, sending out official merchandise for the Diamondbacks as well as the Phoenix Suns of the NBA, the Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA, the Phoenix Coyotes of the NHL, and the Arizona Rattlers of the Arena Football League.

As it turns out, the customer at the Denny’s had been a program seller that season and so had a reason to inquire about my jacket.

Have to say, that was the best gig I ever had. Definitely good times.

Work has given me a new idea for a tat. You can hear the story here.

I did my theme reveal earlier this week for A-Z Challenge. “My Geek Loves.” And lucky thing I scheduled it, cause totally forgot on the day and only remembered when someone liked the post.

Going to see Batman vs Superman with me best mate this week. Rather polarizing movie judging by the fan reviews read. But seems Ben Affleck gave a solid performance so should be interesting. Wonder if DC will be able to get their cinematic universe going off of this.

And a little thing. A shout out to John Rogers (@jonrog1, http://www.kfmonkey.blogspot.com), formerly of the show Leverage, The Librarian movies from TNT and, til this last week, The Librarians show. He decided to no longer be the showrunner for Librarians and is now one of us watching the eps and shouting at the screen.

Do yourself a favor, find the Leverage DVDs and listen to the commentaries. John’s on all of them. And his behind-the-scenes info on Librarians eps on his blog is a delight as well. Welcome to the peanut gallery, my good sir!

Musical interlude:
This would have been on the first day of Spring post if I had done it. But still good, I say. See ya next time.

Tea & Coffee – #33

Well, hello there.

First, a moment for the loss of Sir George Martin, producer for The Beatles. Great work that will live on.

I find myself have an issue doing fanfic. I am staying too literal to the canon and thusly am having trouble making the necessary changes to give my take. And given that I am primarily a slasher, it is problematic to say the least.

I have decided on my A-Z Challenge topic, so that’s something. As per last year, gonna get creative with some of the letters.

Work goes as it goes.

I need to think of another tattoo so I can have them put in the missing period on the fandom verse tat I got. Remember, I showed you the picture a couple, few weeks ago? Doesn’t make sense to have the guy burn supplies for just a dot. Wavering between a Slytherin one to one for Arizona to bookend my Texas one. A couple others are in contention.

Not much else. Oh, finally got some pencils to do my Harry Potter coloring book, so that should fun.

And now, for Sir George:

From the last album he produced, of Beatles cover songs.

Tea & Coffee #31 – Valentine

Well hello.

Today it shall be hot chocolate for me, though let’s face it, the real chocolate day is tomorrow when they go on sale. 😉

Here in Arizona, it is also a birthday. Our statehood day – February 14, 1912.

All last week was warm weather, low 80s. Though it still dips down to the 50s at night, so still wearing the thermal under my work shirt for the moment.

I found a list of prompts for February on Fb so have been doing that. Managing to do each day’s, might just keep it up each month if can keep finding the lists.

Not too much going on. Work is blah only cause it’s work.

I might be getting a tattoo this month. If do, be going to a buddy of mine’s shop for it. Will present the proof if applicable.

I find myself just wanting to enjoy this day. Had a person get pissy with me last night at work, so looking to balance that out today.

Enjoy the day with your someone, or yourself. Cause in the end, it’s still just another day you’re alive and holds the promise of every other day.

Visit the others.

And now for your musical interlude.

Tea & Coffee #21

Ugh, been sliding on my NaNo.

‘Second verse, same as the first.’
(Five points if you know the song)

But it goes. Going to a write-in this week if it happens.

But I started up my drabbles again, so that’s something.

I don’t know, this week was kinda meh. Got stung by a bee for the first time ever. And found myself noting the spread of the venom just in case can use it in something.

And it’s starting to get cold for us. High one day was 67, then 70 the next. Though this weekend is supposed to be near 80 before going back down. Lows in 50s and 40s.

I’ve been wondering if I should pay for the blog upgrade next year. Seems like it might play merry hell with the links though.

Think I’ll leave you with some music today. Couple of cover tunes from actors from fave shows.

The first is Jensen Ackles, from Supernatural. Then George Blagden from Vikings.

Find out who else is sharing coffee.