Tea & Coffee #29

…I would be nicely stretched in the chair, cup in hand and cookie nearby.

There would be a bit of sigh as we talk about the latest loss from the music world, Glenn Frey. I love the Eagles and was at work when I found out about his passing. I couldn’t believe it, moreso with it being the latest in such a line of losses. Fingers cross it will be quiet on that front for a bit.

I’ll be watching the NFL Championship games later today. Luckily I’ll have the weekend of the Super Bowl off. My team isn’t in it, The Dallas Cowboys, so I usually root for the NFC team. One of my co-workers is a Arizona Cardinals and one of my managers is a Denver Broncos fan and there is a chance those teams will meet in the Super Bowl, so that is going to be an interesting time if it comes to pass. I got my favorite dip, which I used to be only able to find at the store across the street from my old work. Happily, it’s now at the one down the street from my place so yay.

Another fun thing, is that after the second game, The Return of The X-Files! Did you watch it, back in the day? I was such a fan nd saw the first movie in the theatres. Admittedly, I tampered off my view towards the end of the show’s run and didn’t see the second movie. But with so many of the people who were involved returning for the limited series, I gotta watch. Sadly though, I’ll only see half of the episodes, since I’ll be at work for the others. Will have to swing for the DVD when it comes out. They’ve already released the first season on blu ray, so will have to get that.

I got myself a new wallet yesterday. My poor old one was very much on its last legs and I had to admit it was time to retire it, as you can see.



Is it bad that I’m thinking of trying to come up with a Slytherin tattoo? Just a minimalist one. To add the list of other tats I’d fancy getting. *eyeroll* I have bout half a dozen now. Not sure I know any people who only have one tattoo.

If you don’t have any, it’s one of those things where you forget how much it hurts and you keep doing it, kinda like childbirth from what I hear. I remember how I described the pain at the time, but not the actual pain so much. The mind is lovely for things like that.

For you what are on the East Coast, hope you made it out okay.
See who else is sharing coffee.

6 thoughts on “Tea & Coffee #29

  1. I like the Seahawks, too. However, when my team is not in, I find another team to (sort of) root for, usually the most “local” of the teams. That would be Denver today.

    I like “broken in” wallets but I agree, it was time to replace yours. I hope it serves you well.


    1. Apologies for being late to see your comment. And yeah, I really liked my old wallet, seemed kinda right being battered like that. New wallet doing okay. Having fun stretching out the pockets. :/


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