Tea & Coffee #31 – Valentine

Well hello.

Today it shall be hot chocolate for me, though let’s face it, the real chocolate day is tomorrow when they go on sale. 😉

Here in Arizona, it is also a birthday. Our statehood day – February 14, 1912.

All last week was warm weather, low 80s. Though it still dips down to the 50s at night, so still wearing the thermal under my work shirt for the moment.

I found a list of prompts for February on Fb so have been doing that. Managing to do each day’s, might just keep it up each month if can keep finding the lists.

Not too much going on. Work is blah only cause it’s work.

I might be getting a tattoo this month. If do, be going to a buddy of mine’s shop for it. Will present the proof if applicable.

I find myself just wanting to enjoy this day. Had a person get pissy with me last night at work, so looking to balance that out today.

Enjoy the day with your someone, or yourself. Cause in the end, it’s still just another day you’re alive and holds the promise of every other day.

Visit the others.

And now for your musical interlude.

3 thoughts on “Tea & Coffee #31 – Valentine

  1. Enjoy your day! I’m totally with you on the chocolate sales come tomorrow. 😉

    And I do hope we get to see that tattoo if you do have it done!


  2. Thanks for the coffee. I have a box of chocolates around here somewhere and I’d better keep track of them before they melt in the heat or the kids eat them.
    xx Rowena


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