Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

As I enjoy a tall libation on a lovely day, I believe I have discovered my drunk song.

Oh, I am not quite drunk yet. Just that nice loopy stage, where your head seems a little bit heavy for your neck and your body nicely at rest.

But in any case, as I sat here, the thought came as to what song would I want to hear. And mayhap it was because I had heard it in the last day or so, but the answer came back as ‘Wish You Were Here’, by Pink Floyd.

Wordsmith that I am, I do enjoy the mental pictures that the lyrics put forth. But I had an ancestor who was a musican, and from him as well I have gained a love for how things sound. And the opening part does something for me.

I have spoken before of loving the ambiance of things, of not so much the items or sounds themselves, but the chain of thoughts they start up in your mind. The total picture of a specific event or time and place.

The sound of opening chords, someone coughing in the background, the slide of the fingers along the strings. All put you in the room with the band as they record the song.

I have to stop and drink in the sounds when I hear them. And granted, that happens on many a Floyd song. But just something about this one… I just don’t know.

I can’t explain why it does it to me, but damn I’m glad it does.

Give it a listen, then go listen to that song that does it for you.

3 thoughts on “Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

  1. That’s a beautiful description! I love the personal style and even made to want to listen even though I’m not a Pink Floyd fan. Thanks for sharing it and looking forward to read more 😊
    Visiting from the a to z challenge BTW 💚


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