Tea & Coffee – #33

Well, hello there.

First, a moment for the loss of Sir George Martin, producer for The Beatles. Great work that will live on.

I find myself have an issue doing fanfic. I am staying too literal to the canon and thusly am having trouble making the necessary changes to give my take. And given that I am primarily a slasher, it is problematic to say the least.

I have decided on my A-Z Challenge topic, so that’s something. As per last year, gonna get creative with some of the letters.

Work goes as it goes.

I need to think of another tattoo so I can have them put in the missing period on the fandom verse tat I got. Remember, I showed you the picture a couple, few weeks ago? Doesn’t make sense to have the guy burn supplies for just a dot. Wavering between a Slytherin one to one for Arizona to bookend my Texas one. A couple others are in contention.

Not much else. Oh, finally got some pencils to do my Harry Potter coloring book, so that should fun.

And now, for Sir George:

From the last album he produced, of Beatles cover songs.

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