Tea & Coffee #36


And how does the day find you?

We’re in a quick cold snap right now. Yesterday was mid 80s, today is supposed to be 67 and tomorrow 77 before going back to up to the 80s the next day.

Ah, the first full week of A-Z Blog done. And somehow I’m managing to keep up. And happily, I’ve managed to turn a few people on to fandoms of mine.

Work is blah, isn’t it always?

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (West Coast Edition) opened this week. Saw a bit on a video from the opening ceremonies. They did a cool light show over Hogwarts Castle in it, with the colors and crests of  the Houses. Of course ours was the coolest. Couldn’t find the short clip I saw, but starts about 9:25 on this vid.

When I win the lottery (ha ha), one of the first things would be to go to the Orlando one. I’ve read how theirs is and sounds so good. Buy myself some school robes and a wand, then go to the California one.

I did a question on my Facebook, about what things would have to be in your dream home.

In mine, I would have to have a proper study and library. I’m talking like Victorian here. Dark wood and patterned carpet. A small fireplace. Sliding doors separating the study from the library. A nice sturdy desk with a hidden drawer or two. There’d be a card catalog for the library, cause I’m geeky like that. A chair could fall asleep in.

There would also have to be a geek’s lair. For my small collection of collectables, comics, and DVDs. A few posters on the walls. Some manner of table in the middle for games and such. Maybe even a kitchenette set up in one corner so wouldn’t have to go thru the house for snacks. What would be in your dream house?

Oh, and Star Wars The Force Awakens came out this week. Went to the store after work first day and got it. I was a little tired so hadn’t planned on watching any of it that night. But didn’t have to work the next day, so when 1 or 2 in the morning rolled around and I was still up, decided to watch the bonus disc. I do so enjoy bonus features. But first, had to sing the (not quite the whole) theme song before could open the plastic. Twice.

I think it was this week got first look at The Killing Joke animated video. For those who don’t know, The Killing Joke is one of the most famous Batman graphic novels. If you saw The Dark Knight, at the end where Joker is talking about how all it takes is that one moment to push someone over the line as he did with Harvey Dent and tried to do with the passengers on the boats, this is where Christopher Nolan got that from.

The Joker gives Commissioner Gordon ‘one bad day’ in an attempt to push him over the edge. It also has an origin story for Joker that has come to be considered canon, even though the graphic novel isn’t meant to be.

The cherry on top of this is who is doing the voices for Batman and Joker. The best voice duo: Kevin Convoy and Mark Hamill. The ones who became the voices of Batman and Joker for so many of us via Batman the Animated Series. Us fans wouldn’t have been happy with anyone else doing the voices.

Forgot to tell you I saw Batman vs Superman with me best mate end of last month. I had read a fan review that just tore the movie apart, so had that going thru my head as watched it. But it was better than I was expecting. And even that review gave a nod to Ben Affleck in the role, and especially with Jeremy Iron’s Alfred. And the funny thing is the actors who played Thomas and Martha Wayne in the flashback were Jeffery Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan, who I would see on the following Sunday in the season finale of The Walking Dead.

You remember how I was going on about Negan coming. Jeffrey played Negan and Lauren is one of the regular cast who finds herself in his clutches. And the finale ended in a cliffhanger that is driving fans crazy. And I admit, I was not happy either. But a little thought and I did agree that the reveal should be the start of the new chapter of next season and not the end of this chapter. And most of us have an idea of how things will play out. It was such an anticipated scene that people wanted their cake right then.

I am doing a little prelim work on my Camp NaNo for July, and even for NaNo proper in November.

I bought a shirt online and it came in couple days ago. What think? 


Oh, did you hear the radio? On Sunday mornings I listen to ‘Breakfast with The Beatles’ . Today is the 46th anniversary of Paul McCartney announcing he was leaving the band and they became no more.

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