CRInktober 2019 Day 11: Shopping

Wirh a groan from Fjord,
Jester and Nott decide the best way to show Zadash to Caduceus is shopping.
First they have to go to the Meal Hearth (even though Jester still complains about the lack of cinnamon)
A wave from Iva as they are leaving begets a quick look at Chasity’s Nook.
Beau nudges them to the Basic Clothing for a few fancy adds to her cloak.
For the last they leave The Invulnerable Vagrant.
Nott’s eyes dart from Caduceus to Pumat and back, sharp for signs of recognition between the two.
Pumat remembers them well (it took quite the while to restock after the last visit).
There’s no talk of the war, just a long breath taken and another memory shared with Caduceus.
For a day, they slip the burden off.

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