CRInktober 2019 Day 12: Pride

Caduceus pours the water into the pot; his staff underneath begins to heat it.
“Pride is the double edge sword.”
He crushes the flowers and lets them fall into the pot.
“It can keep you from hearing the words you need to hear.”
He blows into the cups to clear them and sets them next to the pot.
“It can keep you from seeing things for how they are, or are going to be.”
The water now hot enough, he pours the tea into the cups.
“It can seem like your best asset. Always at your side.”
He looks up at the stars, listening to the insects.
“But it can also be a good thing. It can protect you from those who would use or work against you. From those you want, or need, to make you feel less than what you truly are.”
With a smile, Caduceus hands a cup to Fjord.
“Pride can be the crutch. Or the walking stick. You choose.”

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