“Gone to Texas”


Bit of a surprise, this one?

I said before how Star Wars was probably my first fandom. Yeah, it’s actually Texas.

I was born here, but left when I was three. But my family never let me forget where I came from.


My first tattoo was one of Texas. I do not hesitate to claim her as my homeland and when I talk about my hometown with my family and friends, I refer to it as ‘back home’.

I know our representation at the moment is not a sterling one. But we have had extraordinary people in our history, forward thinkers, and like to think we will again.

But my loyalty remains to the land and the ideals. To the great things we have done and accomplish. My viewpoint is not entirely through rose-colored glasses. I am realistic and honest about the less noble things.

I have lived thirteen times longer here in the Valley then I did back home. And still don’t really claim Arizona in the same way I claim Texas.

“You can’t take the Sky from me.”

Take my love, take my land / Take me where I cannot stand / I don’t care, I’m still free / You can’t take the sky from me / Take me out to the black / Tell ’em I ain’t comin’ back / Burn the land and boil the sea / You can’t take the sky from me / There’s no place I can be / Since I found serenity / But you can’t take the sky from me

Nine people on a ship in deep space, looking for something they don’t realize they alreaady have.


Malcolm Reynolds – A man who lost his faith. But making a family.


Zoe Washburne – Malcolm’s second in command. Strong, usually clearer headed then Mal.


Hoban ‘Wash’ Washburne – The pilot and Zoe’s husband. He’d rather stay on the ship, but is magic behind the wheel.


Kaylee Frye – The  mechanic. And the heart.


Jayne Cobb – A mercenary. You gotta keep an eye on him at times.


Shepard Derrial Book – A preacher. Trying to get Mal to see the light, any light.


Inara Serra – A Companion. Always at odds with Mal. And with her heart about him.


Simon Tam – The doctor. Brilliant, but not as much as his sister.


River Tam – Off the charts. In ways she can’t unserstand anymore.


Serenity – Named after the worse event in Mal’s life. But is his truest love.

Personal note:

Firefly. Lost to us far before its time. Only one season we got of it. But oh what we gained from it.

So we fought and we protested. We were the Browncoats fighting in Serenity Valley.

And then we got our movie, Serenity.

And they still can’t take the sky from us.

“Whatcha Reading?”


I like books.

I kinda have to, being a writer and all.

But I do like books.

I like the way they feel. Just the weight of them in your hand. The way old books smell.

Then we get to what’s inside them.

The information.

The worlds.

The ideas.

It’s time travel, teleportation, and a mind meld.

They open your mind and tug at your heart.

They become a part of you.


“Pens and paper.”


I have a bit of a problem.

I am a bit of a collector when it comes to pens and notebooks.

Maybe collector is a bit formal.

I buy them with the intent of using them, and sometimes do. But sometimes don’t want to mark in them.

I tend to buy a new notebook for each new project. And the look and feel tends to relate to the project on some level.

And i get precious about which pens get used for what. One pen is used only for ‘official’ stuff, like rent checks. If I can’t find it and have to use a writing pen, I am not happt. Feeling like I have tainted the pen with such a plebian act.

Yeah, I’m a little nuts.

I see a nice leather bound writing book and yes, there is some swooning that occurs. But I will also buy just the right notebook from the dollar store.

The right notebook puts me in mind of old time writing. Before electrical means. (I have this thing about atmosphere, if you’re new to the blog.)

Or more in the line of an office worker, doing official work with regards to research or ideas.

All about the right tool for the job.

“Oh, yeah.”

I’m sorry.


But I just have to say.


You gotta appreciate the pretty when you see it.


And it’s hard not to get a little obsessed.


Not be a geek about it.


If not a connoisseur.


So much left unseen.

“You doing NaNo?”


50,000 words.
30 days.
Fun madness.

I think I’ve been doing NaNo for ’round a decade now.

Oh, for those who don’t know, NaNo is short for NaNoWriMo. Which is short for National Novel Writing Month.

You write a novel (or rather the first draft of one) from scratch during the month of November. It’s on an honor system and you get a printable certificate with a spot for your name and the title of the novel.

Most of us are in it for the fun of breakneck writing. There’s a great community vibe that is worth looking forward to each year.

In the summer we go to Camp NaNo. There, the parameters are looser. It is more light hearted, if you will, as befitting the theme.

NaNo works out to a minimum of 1667 words a day. And there have been mad individuals who have done all 50,000 words on the first day.

If you’ve ever wanted to work on that one project that keeps rattling around in your brain pan, might I suggest you join us in our insanity. It’s ever so much fun. Pantsers and planners both are welcome.

Fall down the rabbit hole

“A Long time ago, in a galaxy…”

(Insert your favorite quote)

Like so many others, a farm boy had his head in the stars and wanted nothing more than to leave home. And boy did he get his wish.



Luke Skywalker – in search of who he is meant to be.


Princess Leia Organa – in search of freedom for her world and many others.


Han Solo – in search of the next score that will save his neck.


Darth Vader – in search of insuring the domination of the Dark Side.

Personal note:

I saw the first movie in the theatres when I was four. I dare to say it was my first fandom.

The images, the characters, the music are embedded in the minds and psyche of millions of people. 

It is a shared experience and language. It is a home.


“I’m taking him to Kattegat with me.”

“Odin gave his eye to aquire knowledge. I would give far more.”

“The gods will always smile on brave women.”

“It is one thing to use a weapon, but another to kill.”

Once, near Kattegat, there was a farmer. Ragnar Lothbrok. He lived with his family, and would go on the summer raids for the earl. But he was tired of raiding the same lands again and again to the East. He longed to go West. And he did. And gained more adventure than he wished.


Ragnar Lothbrok – A farmer with a dream of what lies West.


Lagertha – Shieldmaiden and Ragnar’s wife. Her skill on the battlefield is second to her love for her family.


Rollo – Ragnar’s brother. He loves his brother even as he fights his jealously of him.


Floki – Shipbuilder and Ragnar’s friend. His skill will help gain Ragnar the West.


Athelstan – A monk taken on the first raid. He will teach Ragnar, and gain his trust as few will.

The Northmen are making themselves known to the world beyond their lands. And they will change everything.

Personal note:
Ah, Vikings. I do love this show. As great as the action is, it is second to the acting.

One great thing is the use of Old Norse and Old English. The language barrier is shown and subtitles are a part of the watching experience.

One of the best things is hearing my gods spoken of as part of the characters’ lives. To have Odin shown walking through a battlefield. And the ghost hands of Valkyries carrying off a warrior to Valhalla.

Watch the show. Enjoy the storytelling. Join the raid.

 “That’s a real gasser, right Mr. J?” 

“Can’t be too careful with all those weirdos around.”

“Makes you want to laugh, doesn’t it, Artie? “

“Why so serious?”

“Let’s put a smile on that face!”


The Clown Prince of Crime.

Harley’s Puddin’.

Batman’s perfect nemesis.

The Joker.

But not just any Jokers. We are talking about my two fav Jokers, Heath Ledger’s from The Dark Knight and, the ultimate for me, Mark Hamill’s in various animated shows and video games.

Heath defied expectations and just plain blew people’s minds with his Joker.  The funny, romantic leading man we were used to was gone.

In front of us was someone who would kill ya soon as look at ya. One with his own twisted logic and a cold view of the world. A true agent of chaos.

Mark’s Joker is ever so full of glee as he goes about his crimes with unmistakable panache and whimsy. And a code of honor. Of a sort. Regarding his buddy, Bats, at least. Unless he can get a laugh.

While I did so enjoy Heath’s Joker, such a lovely laugh, Mark will always be my Joker. But that perhaps should not be a surprise. It seems to be predestined.