February prompt – Six pack

Things come in threes, they say.

Double the pleasure, double the fun.

So when the two came together, it was more than any could have suspected.

Six of them, hitting one after the other. Each by itself would have left you reeling. All of them were unbearable.

Devastation would have been a kind word to use.

Six pack was once a term used benignly.

Never again by those left afterward. Those generations unborn at the time who would forever fear it. Who whispered it, as if the sound carried too far would call to it.

Bring it back.

February prompt – Mesh

We never really did, did we? I’m not sure why we tried, to be honest.

Sure it would have gotten us the money, and the house. But for as long as it would taken us to be together before we could step out with other people, was it worth it?

Not that it matters now. While the ‘departing gift’ was all well and good, I suppose, it was sweetened by gaining my freedom from you.

Oh, I don’t wish you ill. I don’t give enough of a damn for you to bother with that. And since I know you feel the same, you’ll realize I’m leaving town more to get away from your friends than from you.

In fact, to keep them from thinking they have news for you, here’s a picture of your replacement. Much more my type, even you would have to admit.

So, as they say, it’s been real.

Real what is up to interpretation.

February prompt – I killed it.

I really did. You should’ve seen me.

Never saw it coming. Stealth, I’m telling ya. Gotta go for ninja mode.

Right after I did it, there was a moment of shock from everyone. They couldn’t believe it. That me, of all people, would do it.

I know they thought I didn’t have it in me. Didn’t need to say it, I could read it in their faces. In the looks they gave me.

That’s why I made sure to do it in front of them. Not everyone was there, but they’ll find out. They’ll hear and know.

I killed it.

And you know that record’s gonna last.

February prompt – Honesty is…

an unknown variable.

You hope to recognize the quality, shiny and clean. But sometimes it stands sideways and you may miss it.

Sometimes it is hidden beneath a layer of self-interest. And you think it not there. But it may be, kept small and compacted to almost nothing.

It pops its head out at odd times, inconvenient for the most. But it must be borne out when least desired.

It’s power lies in the will of the one who wields it, not in those who wish not to witness it.

It can free, even as it slays.

February prompt – I found a key…

that led me to you.

But I didn’t realize what that would mean.

What we would share in the coming months.

How our lives would continue to intersect time and time again.

The blows that would be thrown. Promises not kept. Sides drawn.

All because of a key that led me to you.

And started the war.

February prompt – Never say…


Never presume to give someone unsolicited advice about how to meet a challenge you have not yourself faced.

Never expect things to turn out exactly the same for them that they did for you.

Never deem your struggles to be the same.

Never be another pressure instead of a release.